About me

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to a Spanish couple who had met whilst living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We  moved back to Spain in the late 80’s and after  some time living in Murcia, Granada and Galicia I landed in Barcelona just in time for the 92 Olympics and realizing that my newly acquired computer programming degree wasn’t fulfilling I worked as a translator whilst I made my way into production, my passion for culture and moving image.

I worked in theatrical production during the 92 Cultural Olimpiad as a production assistant , and from there actively persued a career in film and Tv production. Being behind the camera appealed much more than acting which I had done on an amateur level during school. After working full time as a production assistant in two commercial production house I became freelance.  At first working with some of the major service production companies  on major international campaigns, a couple of interesting commercial experiments with advertising agencies –El Sindicato and Arnold; and needing more intellectual stimulus, I moved on to Documentaries, TV and Film.

A considerable amount of my time has been taken up by Post Production in the last few years:  a year and half at www.infinia.es and more recently  at www.mixticmotion.com and whilst working on film and Tv productions in between. I have coordinated and supervised the post production on several diverse projects.

I have worked with:

In Spain: Zindara, Eddie Saeta, Organik Films, Rodar Dos, Nomad Films, Widescope, T.F.P.S.,Mosquito, Filmtel, Film del Mundo, Infinia, Mirinda, Material Sensible, Mixticmotion Motion …International: Zero Point Zero (USA), Travel Chanel (USA), PBS (USA),  NZZ Format (Switzerland) , Phaidon Press (UK), Academy Films (UK), Nos Vos (France/Japan), Red Square (UK), (H)Films( Italy), Neue Sentimental (USA), @Radical Media (UK) ,  M&R, Italy,  Silverscreen (New Zealand), Anonymous Content (USA) Brands: Banesto, Pepsi, Telefonica, Dupont, Honda, Mazda, Opel, Nissan, Saab, Seat, VW, Mutua Madrileña, Cinzano, Coca Cola, Beck’s Beer, Mahou,Danone, RAC, Danone, Salvat……Advertising agencies:  El Sindicato, Arnold Barcelona.Photo shoots: Mazda, Nissan Xtrail, Diesel, Canal Plus.Corporate :  Mecalux, Hydro Aluminium, Inditex…
Visuals for Events, Music Videos and Brand films, Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials, Still Photography…..